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I May Not Be Able To Save The World

I’ve written before about the over-developed sensitivity muscle that I carry around with me every day. It can be a burden – pretty much everything breaks my heart. Stories that others find shocking, and sometimes even funny, sear themselves into my memory only to be recollected at some seriously inopportune times and cycled and recycled through my worn out emotions.

So, I’m learning to channel my sensitivity into empathy for others, and apply it in encouragement.

Through some eyes, I’m senselessly trying to save the world. And they usually don’t speak of that habit of mine with much esteem. Do they think I’m a sucker? Maybe. Consider me too tender-hearted for the world in which we all live together? Probably. Do they wish that they could more selflessly give of their own time and energy to help others? That one, I’m not so sure about, but I hope so.

Whatever it is, I’m trying harder every day to embrace that piece of myself. I will never be someone who will not be there for someone in need. I hope that I always cheer for the underdog and make time for those who feel pain and loneliness. And obviously, I certainly will not be someone who will pass a stray animal and go about my day as planned.

The faces of the homeless, the unwanted, the abandoned and abused haunt me. I think you’d find that if you’d look into the eyes of the man begging for change on the street, you might catch him off-guard; he’s so used to being invisible. If you’d reach out a hand to a neglected animal, you could find a best friend even just for a moment and your heart might grow a little. If you smiled at a child, you might reconnect with that small voice of the child inside yourself that makes you human and in need of others’ love and vulnerability only to be reminded of your own need of the same things.

So, I may not be able to save the world, but I know I’ve changed the lives of a few. And, in turn, they’ve changed me too. To those who cannot see the value or find the time to view the world around them as a giant opportunity to show love, I feel pity. I know I am a better person for finding it in my heart to help whenever possible.

Three years ago, I raced around a block through an alley in a pretty bad neighborhood wearing a suit during my morning commute to help what looked like an abnormally furry rat running down the side of the road. I came face to face with a piece of my heart that day; something that was missing but I didn’t know it yet. Her name is Chicken.

She was neglected, malnourished, flea bitten and scared that day. But today, she speaks for herself and tells her own adventures with only a vague recollection {hopefully!} of her less cared-for days. Her personality has become whole again, and I feel lucky to be her reason. Keep in touch with her here, but be aware of her past, for her language leans toward the R-rated. But she’d tell you herself, she’s one lucky Chicken.



3 thoughts on “I May Not Be Able To Save The World

  1. Great post. It’s like the old starfish story of the little girl coming across thousands of starfish stranded on the beach after a storm and throwing them back in the water one at a time. A man approached her and said “you can’t begin to make a difference,” to which she responded “well, I made a difference to that one.” Sometimes I think we all get paralyzed by trying to do too much when if we all made small differences in ourselves or others it would add up to something huge. Good stuff.

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