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Glitter Makeup {What Do You Want People to See?}

What I’ve believed is beautiful has been always evolving. I mean, I had A LOT of glitter makeup back in junior high {if “makeup” is what you are allowed to call it}. I remember carefully choosing shades of irridescence, violet, turquoise and gold glitter gel crap that I’d smear on my face in front of my well-lit make up mirror. The same mirror with the God-forsaken super magnification option I used to analyze and re-analyze my pores and eyebrows. I’d sit there for hours locked in my bedroom, obviously with some total emo music that reminded me why my charmed small town life and my face sucked so much, I’m sure.

glitter 3

But what else do you do with your time when you’re too young for a drivers license, but too old {and cool, obviously} to still run crazed around the neighborhood? Well, if your’e a 14-year-old girl, you freak out about every physical flaw. And that takes up a lot of time. Good Lord, at the top of my list of worries were the ever agonizingly disgusting zits, annoying stray eyebrows, my gross ears that stuck out too much, frustrating hair that couldn’t decide whether to actually be curly or straight depending on the day, the boobs that just forgot to show up to the party, and my nose – which I had always hated.

The golden moment I sought in front of the mirror: finding just the right combination of Cover Girl and glitter to make me as pretty as my friends. It was a tall order, for sure. My high school friends were – and still are – total knock-outs. I wanted to be pretty enough to fit in, but not noticeable enough to stand out.

Maybe it was to distract from the flaws that the glitter was so appealing. I really have no idea. Maybe it’s just that girls like glitter. I know I still do in moderation and luckily not in cosmetic form anymore, although my life as an adult is interestingly void of much actual sparkle. Instead, it’s the sparkle of light and laughter that is my joy now. {Thank God for small things, and perspective!}

Things change.


I’m not sure when I decided that the chemical concoction that kept those tubes of glitter gel actually gel-like was just not for me, but I did. Maybe it was the grunge of the early 90s that simplified my look. At that point, I no doubt set about perfecting my heavy black eyeliner application. The obsession with looking a certain way was always there, but at some point perfection stopped mattering quite as much.

Who made up the rules about beauty anyway?

I guarantee it isn’t a confident woman.

We change. How we see ourselves changes. What we want the world to see when it looks at us changes too. And I think that’s the most important. It’s a significant moment when we realize that we’re offering ourselves to the world, and it’s up to us to shape our intentions. Maybe it’s beauty that you want to offer – your unique version of it, or maybe it’s compassion, kindness, overwhelming joy, or contentment. 

The point is, everything changes with time, and the lengths to which we will go to get what we want change even more. You won’t catch me with glitter smeared on my eyelids anymore, and if I can’t find love with a smile that is often lacking lip liner or un-mascaraed eyes, it’s not worth having.

See? I’ve changed.

What was your signature look before you were old enough to know better? Do you feel beautiful today? Because you most definitely are.

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