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What Am I Afraid Of?

I don’t sit around thinking about my fears very often. Actually, consciously wondering about them – I bet I’ve done that never. Until today. I’m doing this thing, it’s called the Start Experiment and it has been put together by the ever thoughtful Jon Acuff.

Sidenote: when I want to pay someone the best compliment possible, I usually default to thoughtful and/or intentional. Two qualities I strive to develop myself, I suppose.

Anyway, the premise of the Start Experiment is built on Jon’s book, START, which I haven’t read so I already fail. But based on the cover by which I obviously already judged the book, it’s going to teach me  how to punch fear in the face, escape average, and do work that matters. Basically, the experiment will only last 24 days (we’re on day 4) and will provide exercises and accountability to get started on a goal. Ideally, that goal will change my life.

Obviously, my goal would be ridiculous because who am I? So I chose to open my long-awaited {much procrastinated} online shop. IN THE MEANTIME {ha ha ha}, I’m making brand new inventory too. No biggie. I’ve been working toward this goal for a long time… craft fairs, Brandgasm 101 education in hand, not-so-new, but expensive and nice camera I’ve barely touched, and lots and lots of fabric purchases have been building to this for a long time. And let’s be honest, I talk about it ENOUGH. I needed a push. So I’m taking Jon Acuff’s shove right over the cliff.

SO ANYWAY, my fears are the exercise for the day. Basically, we just had to identify them and write them down.

My fears. Today.
My fears. Today.

Mine sort of break my heart a little bit, but now that they’re in my journal, and here for you two readers to see, they actually don’t seem that scary. Because after I wrote them, I realized that even if all of them came true, I’m still pretty excited about the life I’ve made for myself.

Basically, I’ve come a long way, and I’ve lived through some real shit storms. So what is the big deal with these fears anyway? My guess: this was the exact point of the exercise.

And here’s a happy picture of Chicken to brighten this blog post and {hopefully} your day:


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