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The Motivation of Why

I met Simon Sinek on a Washington, DC Metro platform on Halloween on my way to a job interview in 2006. {I wonder if he’d remember me now that he’s gone on to become all famous and stuff?} I remember talking to him about thoughtful things (because that’s the way he is) like communication styles and relationship building in the corporate world as well as interpersonally. He’s since written a book, and it’s marvelous. Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action. {You really should read it… it’ll make you re-evaluate things that probably could use some re-evaluatin’.}

When I took some time to figure it out, I decided my why is to share, connect and cheer. I do believe that those who nurture real connections are leaders in some of the most meaningful ways.

So, My Why is why I spend 4 hours each weekend picking up the phone at the crisis center – my brand of empathy needs an outlet. It’s why I absorb the challenges that face my friends and family members as my own – I can’t help but feel personally hurt by the things that hurt them. It’s why I write here – being vulnerable sucks sometimes, but I hope I’m connecting with those who need it.

When I think about the ways I identify with My Why and how those reasons behind the things I do have motivated me for years, I always remember a summer day sometime during my middle school years. So basically, my most awkward of moments {and yours too}. Did you know that from ages 4 to 14 my best friend lived directly across the street? Well, she did and it was marvelous then and it’s embarrassing now to think about all the dumb stuff we schemed up together. But we were blessed.

Anyway, on this summer day she was feeling pretty crappy about something, which was pretty unusual. Thinking back, I’m not sure she even told me what was wrong. It didn’t matter, though, because with her, I was my most genuine self and I knew it was within my powers to cheer her up. It was my sole purpose that afternoon, and it was a task I obviously took seriously. So, I did what any 12-year-old best friend would do: I cranked up Alabama’s “Mountain Music” {you know, like grandma and grandpa used to play?} in our living room and danced around like a mad woman until she cracked a smile. And then I’m pretty sure I forced her to dance with me to some Garth Brooks, although she’d deny it.

I was obviously out of control with My Why with my best friend back then. That’s the kind of clear and overwhelming way I want My Why to pour out of me today, though too. So that’ll be my goal: to get as excited about living My Why as a crazed pre-teen dancing wildly to classic country music.


What’s your why? Could you be braver with it?


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