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Weight of Comfort

Recently, I wrote about my first quilt and the life I was living at the time that urged me to take on a creative expression. And now that I’ve come back to the hobby, I’m reminded over and over again why this craft was a comfort to me then, and why it continues to be today.

First Quilt

Back then, working on a quilt with its weight bunched up on my lap made me real, with a purpose. Outside the window as I sewed, my husband would inform his friends and family members of all the ways I was unworthy, unwanted, ridiculous, but my quilt kept me connected to something else. I was making something; not just talking about it. I would have preferred to be building a marriage, but a person can’t accomplish that alone. The future was hard to imagine then, the present was the only thing I had with certainty – that stitch, that seam, that fabric.

Stitched together, piece by piece, a quilt is an emerging picture. Every decision documented in the colors, fabric patterns and stitching, and it’s no crime to change your mind in the middle. No mistake in a quilt cannot be undone, life is different. Then and now, my quilts are documentaries telling a story of escape, inspiration and peace. You can’t quilt quickly. And you can’t quilt {well} distracted.

Rainbow Quilt

I’m hand-quilting some new designs for my coming-soon shop, and the weight of the layered fabric pooled in my lap connects me to the reality of the moment. I feel most at peace with the heaviness of a soft quilt securing me to the world… or my couch {with The West Wing in the background}. My fingers are raw and protected by band-aids, and this is work with which I am connected. Grant writing and marketing 40 hours a week just doesn’t feel the same.

Bird Quilt

I’m quilting again with the desire to share them with others. It is my history, and quilts are going to be a part of my future. Making my home a space to which I feel connected is so important to me, and I suspect there are others out there who agree.

With a one-of-a-kind quilt in colors inspired by my favorite cocktail folded over the back of my couch, or pooled around me as I cry watching The Gilmore Girls for the 13,000th time, there is something there. Something like gratitude, comfort, and home.

If there is anywhere I want to be weighed down and present, it is in my home. Safe and sound and with my dogs. And Loralei Gilmore.


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