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This is who I want to be

From Thought Catalog’s 7 Signs You’re Becoming a Better Person:

You realize that love isn’t narrowly defined by the point in your life when a Ryan Gosling stand-in is sweeping you off your feet and taking you to a reasonably-priced steak dinner in a scenic area of town. It is your friends, your family, the cashier at your grocery store who always asks you how you are and means it, your dog, the strangers who hold the door for you, and the kind things people do when they think no one is looking. When you become that sponge who is always soaking up the love that surrounds them, and choosing to amplify it, and never confusing “single” for “alone,” that is when you are a better person. Because that shit radiates off of you like sunlight, and everyone is trying to get a tan off your happiness.


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