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Dani at Sometimes Sweet does this fun “Currently” series, and today I decided to link up. So, right now I’m…

Reading: I just started The Falls by Joyce Carol Oates the other night, and I’m enjoying it so far. I love a little darkness and a little hope. This book has a lot of detail and I’m loving getting to know the characters. It starts with a suicide, so that is rough, but it also explores the weight and pressure religion places on people – and THAT is always one of my favorite topics. I just finished Age of Miracles too, which I enjoyed. It was a quick read. But I also want to recommend an amazing book I recently finished too. You guys have to read 11/22/63 by Stephen King. It’s about a man who travels back in time to prevent JFK’s assassination. Fascinating.

Listening to: Aside from a pretty constant stream of Daft Punk and Cold War Kids, I’ve been really enjoying the ad-free Pandora on my new Windows phone, so I’ve just been soaking up whatever it is they’re playing on Today’s Alternative station. Well, that is, when I actually remember to bring my power cord with me to the office {hardly ever}. On those days, I stream the Buzz. This Pandora arrangement has been great for my long runs too. For those, it’s 80’s all the way though!

Thinking about: Right now it seems like all I think about is getting out of my routine and finding an adventure. I mean it, some nights I fall down the rabbit hole of videos of people living full time in their RVs and I can’t stop watching. I guess I really just want to pick up and go somewhere new. And I can’t quit the idea of buying an RV and just cutting out of here. It seems crazy, and I’ve always been one to find comfort in steadiness, roots and home, but maybe I’m changing my mind. It’s a little embarrassing to admit that I also find myself scanning the real estate websites at night. So, I guess my current obsessions are either busting off the grid or making a HUGE commitment to a mortgage. Please – I can’t explain myself, people.

Watching: I cancelled my Hulu Plus subscription beginning this weekend from lack of use and because there isn’t shit to watch on there during the summer anyway. However, last weekend I found myself falling in love with one, and then ten, episodes of Nashville, and now I’m scrambling to finish watching season one before my time is up! Also, if I could be anyone, it would be Connie Britton. She is a goddess. Honestly, based only on my undying love for Friday Night Lights, I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to give Nashville a shot at my sporadic love/hate relationship with TV.

Not Loving: {If the length of time it took me to come up with something I dislike currently is any indication, my life is pretty damn good.} I guess I’m not loving that I’ve got some sick pups this morning. Honestly, about 3 minutes before my alarm rang at 5:20 this morning holy hell broke out on the floor next to my bed as the usual peacekeepers Piper and Fletcher snarled, snapped and barked at each other.
WTF? I yelled, and shoved them outside. Once I turned the lamp on, though, there was a pile of puke on the floor. My guess: one of them puked on {or near} the other and it wasn’t received happily. No kidding. And Chicken is clearly not feeling like herself either – no breakfast and I tempted her with hard-boiled eggs and emu meat treats. No go. I just hope it passes quickly.

Loving: I’m dreaming (for another 22 hours, and then it becomes reality) of a long weekend and time on some water with friends and lots of icy, adult beverages. Sounds like heaven right now. Another thing that is making my heart ache in the best way right now are friends who love one another… and say it. Every time. It just feels good, you know? And life is short. It’s better with some love and some hugs.

So, what are you up to today?


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