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What Really Matters

When you stop and sit quietly to consider what really matters to you, what comes up? Sometimes it’s unexpected. Maybe this post will help… 14 Things That Show You What Really Matters To You.

I found myself sobbing while watching “In the Wild” this weekend. Beyond crying, more like beside-myself-emotional, really. The thoughts that circled as I watched: Oh to have that freedom; that disconnection from anything that doesn’t resonate as true. To prove that you can build a life for yourself without reliance on others and money; the truest form of self-reliance. No responsibilities but survival. But mostly: Look at the heartbreaking, wasted ways in which most of us live our lives is what broke me.


Beside my strong reaction to the film, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about long road trips and living in an RV and going off the grid for awhile. Obviously, I’ve been craving freedom and adventure lately. And maybe all I’ll get from this craving is passive entertainment from stories of others’ adventures, but I doubt it. And while I don’t need an Alaskan wilderness style adventure, I do want to break out of my routines, of each week looking almost exactly like the last.

My light at the end of the tunnel will be building a life designed by myself. Freedom from others’ commitments and projects that aren’t serving my greater goals.

What’s yours?


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