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My Best Teacher: Life

I caught up with Jenni’s blog every day in May challenge through Bonnie’s post today yesterday {!}, and I loved it; mostly because I really loved both of their individual posts on what life has taught them that they didn’t learn in school. I mean, my entire blog is about the lessons I’ve learned the hard way – because life isn’t always easy. School was usually pretty easy for me, though. And there is probably where my naivete began.

So, my thoughts today on what life, my greatest and most long-suffering teacher, has taught me…

Running and getting into shape actually feels pretty amazing. I never feel like more of a badass than after a long run or a brutal power yoga class. I hated P.E. in school. I mean, I loved my P.E. teacher and have always been able to find the fun in most situations, but I am not naturally athletic. I hate competitive sports, especially if they include a ball. And running a mile every semester for that damn Presidential Physical Fitness Challenge?! Forget it. Pure torture. And I still think about how much that mile run haunted me through high school every time I finish the first mile of a run. And still, the first mile is always the worst. It’s my curse.

Your vision of how life is going to turn out just after graduation is in no way based on reality. I have a habit of fast-forwarding my vision for my life. While it’s prudent to have a big picture in mind, as well as goals that are appropriate for your one wild and brave shot at life, putting the future in front of the present is not recommended. A week after my college graduation, I married my ex-husband – a man I loved, but not the person with whom I was built to spend my life. When I consider where my head was at when I walked down that aisle, I had fast-forwarded 10 years or so to our nice, peaceful life together. I did not once consider what it was going to be like waking up next to him the following week. {And waking up next to him turned out to be pretty demoralizing and discouraging.} Life is meant to be lived, not planned for, and some lessons are meant to be experienced. 

My most helpful and reliable friend in times of difficulty has become this quote: “This too shall pass.” Nothing lasts forever, so be grateful for the joy and peace when it settles in your favor and know that the suffering will not stick around forever either.

Comfort is not where meaning is found. I do not believe that we were merely created to live sheltered in the safety of our comfort zones. If your goal is to be comfortable your entire life, one thing is certain: you will never live boldly. Adventure is a relative term for all of us, but we grow and find meaning when we step outside of ourselves and chase down our one shot at this wild and amazing life.

What are the biggest lessons life has taught you? Do you tend to learn the hard way just like me?


4 thoughts on “My Best Teacher: Life

  1. Thank you so much for the mention! SO Very kind of you!

    The second lesson you mentioned is so true! I had so many dreams and visions of what my life would look like. It turns out so very few of them turned into reality. That said, I found a life that was better than I ever dreamed or imagined…so I’m grateful it wasn’t the way I envisioned it. …even the crappy life stuff turns us into better directions.

    I like you’re blog! Thanks for linking over to mine 🙂

    1. Hi Bonnie! Like you, I’m grateful every day that my vision for the future was only in my head. My imagination couldn’t possibly do justice to the life I have today.

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