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What Am I Doing Here?

I write… to share the life I experience – the fun, humiliation, heartbreak and excitement. Sharing allows me a chance to relive and better process those experiences too. I write to connect with others. I write to help myself figure things out, sometimes.


Much like every time you answer the question, “How are you?” during the day, every time the publish button is pushed, it’s a snapshot. We all have no choice but to live in the present, even if our minds might admittedly be elsewhere during many moments. A published post has a funny way of putting information out there that I might not normally share, but this is my current version of bravery, and if you choose to read it, I thank you.

I don’t have kids to photograph, a relationship to document (although I’m not sure I would… document it, that is) or home renovations to chronicle, yet.

But I take seriously identifying the best parts of the life I am blessed to be in the middle of living.

It’s not perfect. And I make a lot of mistakes. But if I can make someone laugh at the retelling of an awkward first date (I could fill a novel) or reach the heart of one young woman who is considering a marriage to someone who is just not right for her, then I’ve succeeded.

I love to write. I love to connect. If this is what I can offer the world, then I’ll serve it up on a giant, albeit chipped, platter. Take it or leave it. Love it or hate it… or maybe just like it a little.


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