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On Integrity

“You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.” Henry Ford

I’ve been thinking a lot about my own integrity lately. I guess I can blame it on the newfound dedication and excitement I’m finding as I work to building my handmade business. Branding is coming first because I am participating in an online course called Brandgasm put on by my favorite online sages, Ash, Nicole and Jamie. And it’s exciting to work on color palettes, copywriting and typography, but it’s also exhausting as my business does not exist yet.

Which brings me to integrity. My own, and how I’ve put off keeping promises to myself.

See, as I am creating my own space and goals, I’ve been reading through the journals and workbooks I’ve used over the past few years while I’ve struggled to define and escape the restlessness I’ve felt. Most notably, I participated in Stratejoy’s The Joy Equation: A 30 Day Guide to Living a Life on Purpose in April 2011. Yup, 2 whole years ago. Guess what I’ve accomplished since then? Answer: I’ve made progress on some small goals, but way too few.

In that course, though, I defined my core values and put some work behind visualizing a life I’d be proud and happy to live. And that is so important. Integrity is not a stake in the ground. It’s not a goal that’s achieved. It’s a consistency of action, over time, that builds in what you say, believe and do. And I want to be a person of integrity, especially to myself.

Because, really, we are all we’ve got.

Have you considered lately whether you keep the promises you make to yourself? Are you truly the person you think you are? Are you proud of who you are?


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