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Telling yourself that you will never make yourself vulnerable enough to be hurt again makes sense for a little while. It’s a nice thought. That you don’t need anyone else.

Being chronically detached serves one well. Until it doesn’t.

All of a sudden, your protection bites you when you find yourself actually caring for a person who has no possible idea.

But then, there’s always the possibility that shutting absolutely everyone out is the least painful. And just when I start to really believe that, I feel my body folding in on itself, and I realize that’s no way to live either.

So maybe it’s as simple as the people who are in your life are there for a reason. For a purpose. And sometimes that purpose might be to break your heart. Even if they’re not even aware they’re doing it.

But do you tell them? Do you put yourself out there with words that would allow another to spear your heart on a pike for the world to see? That’s the really hard question, because without doing that, you’re not saving yourself any pain. You’re just saving face, and is that worth anything at all?


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