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Inspiration: You Should Start {or join} a Book Club

This post showed up in a link from Dani Hampton’s perfect blog this weekend. It’s called You Should Start a Book Club, and I couldn’t agree more.

The book club that I am lucky enough to be a member of includes my favorite people in the universe. Calling it a book club seems silly. Every single time I refer to this group of wise, fun, energetic, and miraculous group of ladies by that name, it almost makes me laugh out loud.

Because really, what it is to me is a support system that not only builds me up and offers take-your-breath-away sage wisdom. The bolstered strength of scaffolding around my soul – the very pieces of who I want to be. I was asked recently about a situation in which I felt like the most genuine, energized, lit up version of myself; my answer was simple and swift: within the company of my book club.

This group knows my shit… almost all of it… and it feels good to have that knowledge stored outside of myself with people who know how hard it is to sometimes say the words out loud.

Maybe it’s the wine at book club that makes us open up so widely. Maybe it’s the {sometimes} life changing books we read that make our experiences bubble up to the surface and demand to be spoken. But it’s most likely the spirit of the women who love being together, and the more we learn about one another, the more we share. It’s beautiful. And it’s rare among women, but it should be cherished when it is uncovered.

So basically, you should really start a book club.


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