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Welcome to 2013

Phew, you guys, we survived the holidays! I know I’m not the only one who feels that way. I love the things that Christmas stands for: time with loved ones, eating to excess, drinking to maximize merriment, and the memories. Oh, the memories. Sometimes I feel like I get too caught up in the memories of Christmases past and end up disappointed with Christmas present. But that’s neither here nor there, except that I plan to make my own kind of Christmas next year and take ownership over making my own new memories.

But the holidays are gone, and 2013 is here, and I am pretty excited about all that.

Isn’t a blank slate refreshing? We all get one, and we can all start over. A new year does not discriminate, and there’s just something hopeful about it.

Recently, I’ve not been shy about the fact that I feel disconnected from my life’s direction and uncertain of what is at the core of my heart and soul as far as what I want out of life. And to remedy this, I’ve vowed to pay more attention… to notice what lights me up. So I’ve started a journal for the first time in my life. Well, first COMMITTED time in my life. I am positive I started and abandoned several diaries through my angsty teenage years, but this time I mean it.

And while it’s only been a few days, I feel like I’m already better acquainted with myself. It’s like I’m meeting someone new and allowing her to tell me about all of her dreams and potential goals without judgment, and I’m getting some good stuff! I’ll share some of the guides I’m using to direct my inner observations soon, but in the meantime, these are the things that have lit me up so far this year:

  • Being remembered by a former colleague for a new opportunity.
  • Being asked to contribute with time and talent to a political campaign. (What?! I know.)
  • Being asked to be a professional reference for someone I adore.
  • Investigating furthering my education in creative design… with fabric.
  • Loving the heck out of my dogs (mine and foster alike).
  • Setting some pretty lofty goals; one of which is completing a full marathon!

I hope 2013 is great for all of us. It’s there for the taking, that’s all I am sure about.


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