Posted in Finding My Own Brand of Success

I’m Noticing

Today, I luckily stumbled upon this fantastic piece in my Google Reader on finding my voice. And it was timely to read advice about listening to my heart, noticing what lights me up, learning more about who I am by listening to myself, because I feel like I am in a really weird place lately.

I just feel restless. I feel like I’m not living as bravely as I should. I feel like I need a new adventure. And it’s so hard to really get a grasp on what is the next step toward achieving something new and exciting without truly noticing what is going on around and inside of you.

So, starting today, I will begin noticing. And journaling. And figuring out this life. Because we only get one, and if we do it right, it’ll be enough.

Beginning at this very moment, I notice:

  • I procrastinate on things I don’t find fulfilling
  • I care too much about the feelings of those around me, and probably not enough about protecting my own heart
  • I want to feel the way I do after a long {for me, at the moment} and productive run
  • I really, really want to finish this year with a bang
  • I want to find a way to help others in a more meaningful way
  • I want to feel inspired, adventurous and connected

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