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Hope for December…

At this time of the year, when the days are short, the stress and commitments are high, and my emotions are ragged, it’s not always easy for me to maintain perspective. It always seems like I get caught at the holidays… caught wishing people were different, having higher expectations for the magical holidays of childhood, and facing seemingly constant disappointments in myself and others. At about this time every year, I find myself yearning for December 26. Sometimes, I just want it all to be over and for normal life to prosper once again; complete with fewer expectations and loads more reality.

And I know I’m not alone.

The holidays are tough. There are memories that haunt or are impossible to recreate. The fault lines in relationships show with greater clarity in November and December it seems, when everyone wishes love flowed freely and forgiveness was easily earned and given.

So, I’m doing what many of us are doing: trying to keep my focus on the good. And there is so much. Besides my wonderful tribe of friends, the things that I’m loving and are keeping me sane at the moment, include:

My girl, Piper.
Sweet Bea. With a mouth full of tennis ball.
… he’s the foster. Happy home for a happy dog wanted.

Sure, disappointments sting a little worse at Christmas, but the holidays can be whatever we want them to be. I’m choosing mine to be full of forgiveness balanced with boundaries. Because really, we can only be disappointed with what we make space and time and tolerance for.

But it really is what you make of it, this crazy life thing.


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