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Windshield Time and a Broken Heart

This morning, I picked up a foster dog for the first time. Obviously, I’ve opened my home to abandoned animals several times before – and they’ve not always ever left. When Petco posted a program they coordinated to find lonely shelter pets temporary homes for the holidays, I knew I could help.

So, today I picked up Flower. I’ve charitably renamed him Fletcher. For one, he’s a dude. Second, he’s wonderful.

I’m sure I will have many stories to share about our time together, and hopefully one that will result in him finding the fantastic home that he certainly deserves.  Today, though, shortly after we met, my heart broke.

When I looked at that sweet face with his uncertain brown eyes, I knew that his life had taken some wrong turns too. Today, he found himself in the back of a stranger’s car, driving to who knows where, and if dogs made plans, I’m sure that today wasn’t a part of his. I know it will take some time for me to win his trust, but I plan to earn it, and to prove to him that sometimes when plans don’t work out, better things take their place. Because that is something that I need to be reminded of too.

Knowing that Fletcher’s past was an abused one, I knew that he had trusted at least one someone whom he shouldn’t have. He had loved with his whole damn heart and had been left down in the most cruel of ways. He’d been disappointed. He’d been scared. He’d been at the mercy of someone who was merciless. He understood that the world wasn’t always a friendly place.

But the way he laid down on the floor underneath my spot on the couch this afternoon proves that he’s going to love again with everything he has.


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