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The Love I Have For My Dogs…

Sometimes, do you look around at your life and wonder if the level of interest you have in something crazy – say homemade plant-based food for your dogs, for instance – and wonder if you’re crazy?

Well, as I begin Nicole’s fabulous From 0 to 13.1 program to run my first third half-marathon, I’ve been putting some time and energy into figuring out my own healthy diet to fuel my body, I couldn’t help but wonder what the heck is in that crap I feed my precious dogs. Basically, Piper and Bea eat dry dog food with a pretty decent weight control component because if I’m honest, I’ve got a piggy on my hands who also receives regular hormone and steroid treatments for her Addison’s Disease. {Basically, Piper’s adrenal glands don’t produce Cortisol to deal with stress, so it makes sense that if her diet requires the least amount of stress on her system to digest, the better for Piper. That’s the theory I’m working with, at least.} And, last but never least {except in size}, Chicken has been on a strictly canned food diet for awhile anyway as her poor, neglected teeth can barely stay in her sweet head.

In any case, everyone here in the duplex could use a revamp of the nutrition variety.

So tonight after work, I peeled, chopped, boiled and mashed some golden and sweet potatoes and carrots to supplement their diet. Tonight they will get some veggies on top of their regular food, but I will start to wean them off that bag of unknown ingredients to a more wholesome way of life. While the bulk of their veggies are cooling, I’ve given them all a taste and I’ve got to say, they’re excited. And so am I.

And if I didn’t have delicious Zen Zero leftovers in my fridge, I might be persuaded to eat healthy tonight too. Eh, there’s always tomorrow!

Here are some of the links I’ve discovered in my plant-based dog diet research. You know, if you go crazy too:

I just realized that photographic evidence of Piper is mostly absent from this blog, and since she is my favorite, I offer you:



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