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On Days Like Today

Today included countless interruptions and small distractions to the bigger, more important tasks at hand. Today, I woke up early and took some time for myself and my coffee… only brief moments before turning on my email, but it’s progress. Today was busy. Today had moments of overwhelm. Today, I woke up and looked around my house in disgust at laundry left unfolded, dishes in the sink and clutter on my kitchen table, knowing all the while that I would feel like I was in a calmer mental place if I got it together. Today my mind was constantly spinning with seemingly endless things I needed to remember to do. I bet I remembered to do 20% of them.

Days like today make me crave simplicity.

I have too much unnecessary stuff, pressure myself too much to fit it all in, think too much about things that aren’t all that important. Last weekend, I felt the same way and in response, threw together a last-minute garage sale to minimize the amount of stuff I have in my home. It helped, but the craving for simplicity remains.

On a day like today I need a plan, and for now it will include…

30 minutes of silence with a book and no technology

20 minutes of cleaning and decluttering… knowing I don’t have to get it all accomplished, but make steps toward a peaceful home

to eat a meal at home, and truly settle in for it; paying attention to what I’m doing rather than a computer screen

an effort to go to bed early after remembering to take my vitamins.

It’s important for people like me on days like today to not beat ourselves up for allowing the little things to get to us. Simplicity is a journey, and will not likely be a destination for me. I don’t truly believe I’ll ever achieve it fully. But a quieter brain, and a quieter life? I’m so ready for that.

Here’s some advice from on the subject… Five Ways to Return to Simplicity



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