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Get ready. I’m getting real.

Sometimes being honest – and telling the whole, true, dirty details of your story – feels like the wrong decision. Having a job and a boss who may not approve if it became public; not knowing where the judgments may fall… it’s tough to know how much is too much.

In my real life, I’m an open book. If we’ve met in person, you know it doesn’t take long before I’ll share just about anything. But online, where stories – not to mention mistakes – life forever, make my habit of over-sharing seem indulgent and unnecessary.

But I think I’ve finally realized that I struggle with blogging without telling it all because it feels disingenuous to me. I want to share. I’ve made some mistakes. Some pretty big ones, honestly. And it would help me… and hopefully help someone else if I put it out there.

The title of this blog: The Long Way is literal to me. At 32, I definitely feel like I’ve taken the scenic route through life, and that I’m nowhere close to where I’m headed. But really, what do I know? So I’ve decided that I’m going to start sharing. Start REALLY sharing. I want to be brave. To be genuine. To process my choices by sharing. I want to be real.

For instance: do you wonder why my previous post about the horrors of dating is particularly discouraging to me? It might have something to do with the fact that I was married a week after my college graduation to my 3-year college “sweetheart” only to move across the country and to endure a separation within the same year. Dating was supposed to be something I wouldn’t have to worry about. That was 9 years ago. Yeah. Lots of dates have happened between then and now.


Get ready. I’m getting real.





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