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Smacked in the Face with My Own Narcissism

I do not consider myself a narcissist, really at all, but today I became acquainted with the brutal fact that when I have forgotten about others. Now, I could say that I have too much on my plate {I do}, but it still upsets me when I lose track of others’ milestones.

I was recently reminded of my StrengthsFinder 2.0 results, and empathy got the top spot on my evaluation. Not surprisingly, I guess. Sometimes I find myself inserting myself into others’ shoes more often than my own. So when I forgot to wish a co-worker happy birthday when we G-chatted last night, or when I recently spoke with my {wonderful} dad and neglected to ask after his recent test results on a health related matter, I feel like a total a-hole.

I know it is all forgivable. And as one who is not afraid to speak candidly of her own a-holeness in a sincere apology, those conversations will take place. But I guess this is a realization that my busy schedule is taking a toll on the part of me that is the biggest. If it’s my nature to hold the needs of others in a place of priority, then I don’t feel like myself really unless I’m doing just that.

So, I learned a life lesson today. One that will hopefully motivate me to make the changes I need to free up space in my brain, schedule and heart to really just be myself. Empathy and all.

And since it’s related, if you guys haven’t yet checked out this TED Talk, you should. It’s changed my perspective in my daily life (but clearly I have work to do!). You all matter.





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