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Catching Up

I have been the worst possible keeper of a blog lately. Keeping up with life at the moment has nearly gotten in the way of living it. At least it feels that way sometimes. Lots has been going on, but it’s all really, really good. Life is sweet, friends. So, here’s what’s up:

  • The dogs are still so, so lovable. And they keep me sane, and drive me a little insane sometimes too. {I’ll tell you about my recent run through my neighborhood in pajamas frantically searching for Chicken sometime soon!}

Exhibit A

…but this is Bea 
  • I have a new job, and I’m really excited about it.
  • Hilary {the wonderful sister I was blessed with} and I had a successful new business experience at our second annual craft fair at Sheldon’s Celebration Days. {Sheldon is our hometown in NW Iowa. And the good people there were kind to us on Labor Day.}
  • Our new handmade business is called Puckered. I will be sharing much more about that very soon. Just know that we have some cute stuff. You’re going to want to buy it all. 🙂
  • I got a new DSLR camera that I pathetically barely know how to use. Except to take mediocre pictures of my dogs {see exhibit A}. This will be remedied soon. After I feel like I’ve accomplished something at work-work; sewn, promoted and photographed new items for Puckered; walked the dogs; slept at least 5 hours in a night; and maybe… maybe showered.
  • I’m overwhelmed. But everything that is overwhelming me right now is a blessing. I’m lucky.
  • I’m not lucky in love, however. Womp, womp! At least, not in dating at the moment. So… I’m taking a break.
  • I have a new neighbor who likes yard work! This is the best news I’ve received in years.


See you guys again soon. I’ll be back… promise.



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