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My small town obsession has become my entire family’s

One thing that the Flood of 2011 taught me was to appreciate some beautiful parts of the Midwest that I had no idea even existed.

Typically, I-29 suits me just fine, but earlier this month, that roadway was mostly under water. Thus, I adventured. On nearly entirely 2-lane highways. And it was an adventure, indeed.

On my way back to Kansas, I drove through Peterson, Iowa. And pretty much fell in love. I’m now obsessed. With a town with less than 400 inhabitants. And that sounds just about perfect to me.

But just tell me you wouldn’t be too. They’ve got a Farm Machinery Museum.

All photos and information were borrowed for your viewing pleasure {and mine!} from

p.s. My Dad has even picked up a business card of one of the town’s realtors. My parents are kind of funny.

p.p.s. If you know me and know of my bad luck with this town’s unfortunate name {it’s a blast from a mostly unhappy past for me}, please disregard it. This dream hometown of mine deserves a fresh start. And so do I.


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