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Work in Progress: WTF are my Big Dreams Anyway?

You have no idea how many drafts I have saved… I’m not ignoring you, dear blog, I promise!

I’m working on so many things right now… you know: growing, discovering my true dreams and career aspirations, still wondering if I’m on the right path to true “discovery,” etc. Ugh… all of this figuring myself out crap is pretty damn exhausting. And to keep a long story short {for now, because you know I’ll share more!} I’m currently stuck – really, really stuck – at defining my top six most vital big dreams. Basically, what the fuck I actually want out of this crazy life. Seriously, I can come up with thousands of things I want, but to have the pressure to define the top 6?!? Forget it. I’m paralyzed.

I’m probably paralyzed by the same internal dialogue that has kept me from feeling truly connected to my life for the past six years, right? Exactly. And, so that leads me to this question: what if in all this discovery, I figure out I’m way more screwed up than I thought?

{That’s a joke. I’m really learning a lot!}


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