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MBA? Maybe not…

Ever read something related to an interest or future goal that you thought might be made for you that makes you wonder why you ever thought you were cut out for such a venture in the first place? I’ve got to admit, this happens to me a lot.

I try to steel myself against reading something that simply makes a previously considered goal look  challenging from keeping me from continuing to strive for it. I mean, I’m up for a challenge, right? But I feel like it’s a whole different animal when I discover a piece of what I once held as a possibility for my future lies completely and utterly outside of my personality limits.

I’m being vague because I believe that this concept  applies to a wide variety of situations {which it does, no doubt, for me regularly}, but to be more specific, I’ve been considering earning an MBA for a little while now. I’ve studied for the GMAT, researched study focuses and generally thought I could cut it while genuinely getting excited about being back in school. I do love me some school.

Then I read this blog post, and realized I didn’t want anything to do with anything even remotely close to a competition like that. It seemed so serious, so corporately competitive and I am not cut from the kind of fabric that makes people who enjoy such things. For those who are committed to their business cause, I’m sure the opportunity to compete in such an elite competition with such high-level global competition is exciting. It simply gives me a slight panic attack.

Well, at least this helps me narrow my focus a bit. And my search continues…


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