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Time Becomes an Issue… you know, when you’re sifting through obsessions

Do you ever feel like me – like the week and especially the weekends just get away from you? Like you never have quite enough time to start everything you wanted to accomplish… and as for the the finishing, well that’s another story!

{Remember Gussy Sews? She wrote a post about time management today too.}

And things seem even worse now that I’m on a mission to figure it all out. While I’m trying to find my favorite obsession {or two} to pour myself into, time management on its own is becoming a time suck.

So instead of logging hours at my sewing machine, I’m asking questions like: How many to-do lists is too many? What if I use one day planner for budgeting, Google Calendar for personal appointments and Outlook for work? How do I manage all of the distracting pop-up “friendly reminders?” And how the HECK am I supposed to get anything done when season 4 of Alias is so damn addictive?

Last night, I conquered the first step. I didn’t even turn my TV {Alias} on until I had run my creativity and drive down to nothingness. At 11:30, Alias came on to lull me into sleep – yeah right! I was so proud of myself!

On a related note: Britney Spears is oddly motivating when combined with a sewing machine and enough wound bobbins to last an entire evening.


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