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OF COURSE anything is possible… you just can’t do it all at once

I have always been someone with a lot of passions – or at least things that I wanted to try to be good at. And it seems like as I get older, my interests only grow in number. However, with all of these passions floating around in my head, it’s hard to focus. I am at the point in my life in which I want to start chasing a dream… a REAL dream, which {unfortunately} is more than simply a paycheck.

I know I’m not alone here. There are lots of resources and a John Mayer song referencing a quarter-life crisis. Granted, I’m past 25, but I’m in a place in which I want to find a bigger meaning and purpose. Sure, a job is great, but a dream is what I want to be living.

So I’ve started some projects to help me evaluate and shake up the things I think I love until only a few rise to the top.

{* If you are interested in starting this process for yourself, I’d like to introduce you to Molly and Kate for starters. *}

One of the first steps in my work is daily journaling, which is pretty new to me despite my love of writing. And sometimes I’ll take a glance at my daily prompt and think “there’s nothing to THAT… what might that possibly tell me that will help me find ME?” And once I get started writing and thinking and writing some more, my perspective has completely shifted. It’s weird. But oh-so-obviously EXACTLY what I need at this point in the ballgame.

So anyway, while I’ve been busy thinking and sifting, I’ve also been caving in to my numerous passions. And I’m sifting because I know that one person can’t do it all at once, but that the shine from a passion should not be hidden and thus wasted. So, I’m giving some things a shot, and my other passions may stick around too… just a little more in the background.

Sewing has taken a head-first dive into my list of passions, and I’ve dreamed about creating things that I’m proud of, and things that other people might actually spend money on, that I’m finally just going for it. And I’m privileged to be able to “go for it” with my sister. And I can’t wait to share some of our own stuff, but for now, here are a few of my favorite sites for inspiration!

When I read about sewing, I daydream about learning how to do it well enough to make clothes a la Project Runway. Or to open a consignment store in which I could adapt clothes to be more stylish or provide a custom fit. I fantasize about all the baby quilts I could make for all of the friends having little ones, or the awesome pillows I could make for my own bed. Ah… see why the sifting is a necessity? I lose focus way too easily!

Oh, and cooking is still ranking right up there on the passion list. Oh, how I’d love to own a catering company someday! Or a bed and breakfast where I’d have a houseful of new people every weekend as guinea pigs for my latest recipe! I wish I had links to the awesome chicken Thai soup I made last week, or of course the Irish car bomb cupcakes that were as exquisite as they sound. But here are some of my recent foodie finds too:

And, I’d love to run a pet boarding business where my multiple rescue dogs could roam and befriend all of the guests! And what about writing that book? And, since my camera recently bit the dust, why not invest in a DSLR and take a class or something? And I’d sure better keep running because I just signed up for THIS! How about a garden? Don’t I want to grow my own herbs and tomatoes again this year? What about the little evergreens that could be planted in pots to flank my front door? {I’ve always had a thing for those tiny evergreens!}

Whoa… talk about needing some direction, eh? Well, at least I’m not boring! Overwhelming? Sure. Boring? Not a chance.


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