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Keep it Real

In follow up to my long-winded Valentines Revolution post, I have received some great feedback. Unexpectedly, but happily, a lot of it has been focused on the impressions that I am being true to myself, and more importantly that I know who I am and am committed to being authentic to that girl.

In short, I’m happy that my blog read that way. But… I have to be honest. I’m not so sure I’m really, really know who I am. I mean, I get the basics and I love so many things about myself, but I also really feel like a work in progress.

My Valentines post was more about my desire to build a life that is at its best RIGHT NOW. I’ve vowed to myself that I am going to stop waiting for the good stuff to start. And it’s not like I needed convincing because I am really content and happy with where I am right now. I am where I’m supposed to be… of that, I’m sure.

BUT, because you guys think I’ve got myself all figured out (relatively), I am inspired to actually figure it out.

And there are a few things that pop to mind when I start thinking out my figure-it-all-out list. The Single Woman had a great Ustream session tonight and one of the most poignant points she made – in my opinion – was that she wants to develop the same traits that she is looking for in her future soul mate (I call them great loves only because I don’t like the thought of only “one,” blah, blah). And I LOVE this concept. I’ve thought before of being the kind of person I would want to date, but I’ve never thought about it this specifically before. And I’m inspired, so here are a few things that I’m looking for, and traits that I want to develop myself:

  • Creativity – I definitely want to find someone with a passion that extends beyond his career and investments. Maybe he’ll paint abstract art for us to talk about, maybe he’ll take inspirational photographs and I can sweet talk him into photographing my dogs, or maybe he’ll play a mean guitar or can reteach me how to play the piano. I like the depth of personality that comes out of a person when they are in the midst of his or her passion. I want to have that kind of inspiration around me.
  • Kindness – I want to find someone who will at least partially share my soft heartedness for catastrophes like the earthquake / tsunami in Japan and abandoned animals. I want him to inspire me to be kinder. I want us to speak about things that matter, and to have those things truly matter to both of us. I want to talk about ways we can change the world together, and really mean it.
  • Exercise – I want him to run with me, to push me to do better, and to cheer me on when I push my personal limits. I want to train for our next half-marathon together. If he likes to ride a bike and can help me buy my first one… even better!
  • Cooking – Well, at the very least, I want him to enjoy eating what I cook if the kitchen isn’t his favorite place. I don’t cook nearly as much as I wish I would for just myself, and I look forward to having an enthusiastic test taster.

So I’m working on all of these things myself too. I have uncovered my sewing machine recently and have unlocked some creative gold as my sister and I start a business together. This is a piece of news that I am so excited about, and I will definitely post more as things get finalized.

Right now we’re working on hilarious things, you know, like a business name. Things like that become more hysterical when you work on them with the single person who was your arch-enemy as a child and has become one of your best friends. You know one another deeply, but don’t really fully understand all of the potential and amazing skills they possess.

So creativity is at the top of my list right now, but I’ll work on the rest of it too.

Thanks to all of you for rejoining me on this little blog. If I haven’t said it recently, I’m glad you’re here and I can’t wait to share what happens next.


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