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HEY there! I’ve missed you guys more than you know

It’s been a really embarrassingly long time since I’ve posted to my blog. And in that time, I’ve had so many things to write about… because I’ve had so many things to think about. In my time away, I remain connected to the blogging world – probably even more than when I’m contributing to that community – because I read and absorb and internalize the stories of other bloggers – stories that I relate to. And I vow that I will start writing what’s real to me from here on out. Because I haven’t been doing that, but I want to share, I want to continue to learn, but I also want to contribute. Because, really, when have I ever been a quiet observer?

So, please bear with me while I make some changes to the site. But I’m here, and I’m engaged, and I’m ready to write. There is just way too much good not to.

First up… my Valentine’s Day Revolution courtesy of Chelsea Talks Smack. Get ready.


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