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Wise Words and My Struggle to be Positively Present

One of my favorite blogs: Positively Present posted this today. It is just an example of what is regularly posted to this blog – thoughtful, inspirational and provoking pieces on how we can each take small steps to improve our lives, outlooks and relationships. I adore this blog, and sincerely think you will too.

This particular one – in case you haven’t clicked over to read it yet – entitled “How to Create a Strong Bond with the One You Love. And so much of it rings true, but what struck me the most was the closing paragraph. The paragraph in which the author expresses regret for the great loves in the world that have ultimately turned sour.

It got me thinking about some of my “great loves,” and one in particular, and moreover, how unfortunate it was that it ultimately turned so sour I actually hate to think about it often. What I experienced in the early days of that relationship were what I would guess are the heart-wrenching, marvelous feelings of truly passionate love. And what remains of those feelings today are only distant memories and regret.

I can’t help but wonder if we (but mostly I) would have taken some of the advice to forming and maintaining a strong bond, if it would have expanded to a larger, more compassionate and all-encompassing love. The kind of love I hope for someday.

In the end, I guess I’ll never know. But I am inspired to try harder to nurture the bond of love the next time.


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