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How True…

I’ve found some truths recently that have resonated strongly with me.

First, The Daily Love (@thedailylove on twitter… do yourself a favor and follow!) posted this tweet today: You create the outcome of your life with the choices u make in the present. Make better choices, have a better life.

I love that sentiment because it reminds me that I’m doing the right thing. Sometimes I get down on myself and question some decisions I’ve made. Mostly decisions I’ve made to cut people out of my life. But I’m so very satisfied with where I am right now, even though there is plenty of room to grow. So, my present choices are creating a better life. If The Daily Love says it is so, it is so! (In any case, it makes me feel more confident so I’m going with it!)

Second, one of my favorite blogs (and she happens to be local!) posted this and I definitely thought it was worth sharing.

Please pass it along yourselves if you are so inclined. It’s powerful information worth taking to heart. And then, do say thanks. It’s all about gratitude… it makes the world a better place!


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