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Goals Accomplished… Lessons Learned

It’s been a long time since I posted something, and I’ve missed blogging! There have been so many times recently that made me think – hey, I oughta write about this! Unfortunately, well… I haven’t. So I’m going to try to catch you all up on those random moments.

    I ran my very first 10K last weekend. Now, I know that I will never be a fast runner. And I really am okay with that. With that knowledge, though, I probably should have picked a bigger race (population-wise) than a little ol’ variety that my tiny hometown has to offer. Moral of the story… I came in last. (And to be honest, I find that to be pretty darn funny.) It was fun, though, and I’m still proud of myself for doing it. It was especially relieving to have those 6.2 miles behind me for the first time in a race – and the donut at the end didn’t exactly hurt either. And, most importantly, it was absolutely priceless to have my nephew cheering for me at the finish line. That kid gets me every time!

The other day I had a rare moment of reflection, and I wanted to look back upon old communications with people who were once very, very important to me. For whatever reason, sometimes a girl just needs to know that life is moving in the right direction, and that she’s better off for letting go. Plus, it never hurts to experience the humility that always comes [for me, at least] with reading the slightly (or not) insensitive / inarticulate / cold-hearted-bitchy comments you once thought were appropriate to spew upon someone you “love.” Can I get an “oops!?” I consider those types of F-ups to be learning experiences, and hope that when I stumble upon some true love [whatever that means] someday, I will remember those statements and “use my words” differently. Eh, anyways… learn baby, learn baby, learn.

Today, one of my favorite tweeters: YourTango posted the adorable 5 Things Pets Can Teach Us About Relationships. These two little nuggets have taught me all 5… and many, many more.

Other crap:

  • I learned how to change my very own headlight!
  • My beloved Piper has Addison’s Disease, and we’re learning how to cope with that [and the changes to my budgetary habits as a result] together. By the way – JFK had this disease too. Piper can’t just get a regular old disease, you know. She’s special!
  • A Bissell Spot Bot is an invention that every pet owner – but seriously EVERYONE – should own. ** This bulletpoint completely related to the bulletpoint directly above. **
  • Other sort of exciting things are in the works, but it would be irresponsible to put the cart in front of the horse, so to speak, by putting it all out there. Soon!
  • Oh! And I’m working on my book again with a renewed fervor. Basically, this means that if you are someone who genuinely f-ed me over at some point in our lives: look out, homie. You’re about to be outed!
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