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*:: pigs won’t fly for me this year… ::*

I’ve been training for a half-marathon since the end of February. I set my sights on the Flying Pig half in Cincinnati for fairly random reasons. Basically Runner’s World tweeted about it, I did some poking around and discovered it is a legendary race and the largest race for first-timers in the nation. PLUS the logo, thus t-shirts, are super cute. Seemed like a winner.

Well… given the Flying Pig is on May 2, but the time I decided I was serious about it, I had EXACTLY 9 weeks to train on an exactly 9 week training program. Historically, I have had trouble with my knees and I often suffer from shin splints. But I figured if I stuck with the training program and followed it to the letter, I would build my strength, endurance, and not be likely to over-train.

Yeah, sounds good, right. Sure. I even got to week 5 and my 8 mile run was absolutely amazing. I was SO excited about how far I’d come and how easy I found that mileage. I guess I should have known it was a fluke because the very next Saturday, 3 miles into my 9 mile run, my right shin suddenly felt like it was going to explode. Seriously, it felt like the bottom half of my leg was going to violently blow right off from my knee.

To make a long story short, I made it home that day and after many internal arguments, tears, ice pack rotations and consolation phone calls, I decided to postpone my half-marathon goal. Boy, that one was a tough one. It was super hard for me to admit that despite my dedicated efforts and diligent training, it was definitely going to be better if I didn’t keep pushing myself to the point that I was in order to be ready for a May 2 race. [BUT… this 13.1 miler IS happening. It will take place this summer. I’ll update you when I’ve decided how quickly I’ll be able to progress with training.]

And… here I am almost two weeks later and my shin is still acting like a stubborn child who refuses to be soothed with ice, ointment, rest or miracle. That bitch still cramps up every chance she gets! But I’m staying the course.

I’m forcing myself to run, and I’m still running the Brew to Brew this Sunday… basically just because I will prove that I am more stubborn than this shin. Even if it feels like it’s going to kill me.

OH, and I just recently started running in these beauties:

I can’t tell you how much I love my Asics. And I’m putting my trust in their cushiony ability to ease the stress on my stubborn right shin!


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