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What’s been going on…

The newest restaurant addition to Mass Street in Lawrence, Esquina, is marvelous. As was the company with whom I ate. 🙂

LOST is definitely proving its loyalty to my entertainment [and maximum plot confusion] this season. I have officially fallen back in love with that show. I have been busy reading blogs, listening to radio recaps and discussing the maybes and what-ifs with other Losties lately. I may just have to write an entire blog post on my obsession.
In the meantime, watch this video. You won’t regret it even if you *gasp!* HATE LOST.

Read The Book Thief. Just do it. I haven’t even finished it yet, and I’m telling you that it’s in your best interest. rocks my world. Even though I forgot about them for approximately 4.5 years. I just received the cutest new coat that ever was today in the mail… and it was on their fabulous winter clearance. I got it in white. AND… I got it just in time for more snow this weekend! Perfect timing!

I found the most wonderful recipe for pasta carbonara, and my LOST viewing partner in crime agreed that it was pure deliciousness on Tuesday night. I will post the recipe this weekend. [Stay tuned!]

Runner’s World says I need to run 8 miles on Saturday, followed by 4 miles on Sunday. As such, I’m absolutely thrilled that it will likely be SNOWING on the freaking 20th of March! [sarcasm]


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