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Ready, ready, ready, ready to run!

And this is how: basically Runners World continues to be my personal hero… and I’ve combined its charming practicality with a little new age motivation. Just because I like to shake it up and keep it real.

My five miles this morning have officially kicked my ass (although it’s a good thing I’m not REALLY feeling it until 7pm). Yes, I will type this again: this whole half-marathon thing is really happening. I’m paying attention to what I eat in the interest of fueling my body rather than stuffing my face. [I know… I can hardly believe this is possible either!] I haven’t missed a run yet, and for the most part, have exceeded the miles required on my trusty training program.

And, for those who care, I am combining two training programs [loosely] to get my desired effect [hopefully], which is finishing the race while still living. The first one is the standard Runner’s World program which basically outlines the total mileage goals for each day and the total for the week. I am very, very goal-oriented when it comes to most things, but mostly my running. I need numbers. As in, NEED them to keep going. I must know how much further I have to go. I must know how to pace myself to get there within my alotted time.

The whole “alotted time” thing leads me to my other training program from one of my new favorite websites: This one is super-great because it gives total time for running each day and interval guides partnered with yoga and stretching techniques. I use yoga as my cross-training, although admittedly I don’t do it as often as I should. I believe this lends itself to a balanced program.

So far my make-shift plan is working. I’m focused, motivated, and feeling pretty positive about this whole thing. In a couple weeks, though, my long Saturday runs are going to be inching upward toward 12 miles, and I am not anticipating myself as being much of a fan of that whole business.

In other news… my legs are looking freaking amazing. 🙂

In other, other news that is [might just be] actually interesting, I have a brand-spanking new running playlist that I am in love with. I have to share:

1. Pursuit of Happiness [feat. MGMT!!!] – Kid Cudi
2. Bang, Bang [feat. Adam Levine] – K’naan
3. Sour Cherry – The Kills
4. Beautiful Girls – Varaderos
5. LoveStoned – Justin Timberlake
6. Mercy [feat. The Game] Remix – Duffy
7. Love Lockdown – Kanye West
8. Kill the Lights – Britney Spears
9. Run This Town [feat. Rihanna] – Jay-Z
10. Effington – Ben Folds
11. Hard – Rihanna
12. Girlfriend [Dr. Luke Remix] – Avril Lavigne
13. Got Your Money – ODB and Kelis
14. Running on Sunshine – Jesus Jones
15. Karma [Reggaeton Mix] – Alicia Keys
16. Get Free – The Vines

Enjoy… and happy running (if you’re so inclined)!


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