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Fill in the Blanks…

In the interest of laziness, while still wanting to share a bit, I have updated and posted below my favorite fill-in-the-blanks questionnaire. Check it out…

1. Am I the only one… who really just wants to go to work, do a good job, and come home? Seriously, save the drama for someone who is interested. Please?

2. I am annoyed by… people who tell you they love you, but deep down they just can’t wait to repost their profile on 😀

3. Kelly Cutrone’s book “If You Have to Cry Go Outside … makes me unbelievably happy right now. Seriously – I’m working on putting together my tribe right now! Every girl should read that book… just wait until I finish it. I will give a full-on book report! And I’m so excited to do it! [Total nerd? YES!]

4. I’m inspired by… the generosity of spirit and heart of a few people I’ve just recently met.

5. The best thing I’ve done for myself recently… is run my 5 miles this morning. But my massage and facial last weekend was pretty f-ing great too.

6. I’ve been frustrated… by this winter. I really, really want to spend some time with my family – most notably my niece and nephew… but all of them really – but the weather has been unbelievable every weekend. WTH? Am I really, really going to have to wait until Easter?!

7. I laughed today at… Bea and Piper wrestling in the snow. Honestly, they went absolutely ape-shit. They both were on the schedule for baths tonight too, but they’re so worn out, I almost can’t bear to wake them. Plus, I kind of want a nap instead of getting wet and fur-balled too!

8. The last thing(s) I spent money on… were the following tonight after work: dog food, the ingredients for tomorrow’s dinner (to fulfill my one meal a week goal) minus one KEY ingredient because I’m me, and socks for the to-be-created sock monkeys for my two most favorite children to be delivered on my to-be-determined trip North.

Well, this is about all I’ve got the energy for tonight. Add my lack of energy to the fact that The Bachelor has effectively recorded far enough for me to not have to endure ANY commercials if I begin viewing approximately NOW, and I’m out. [ANNNNNDDD… tomorrow night is LOST!! I don’t know what I would do without my DVR. Please, God, never let me be so poor again that I cannot afford cable with a DVR. I’ve been spoiled, I know, but it is true.]



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