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You are Loved

Hopeless… sad… alone… desperate. We’ve all felt these feelings, whether as a result of a heartbreaking life event, or just because we’re having one-of-those-days. It can feel suffocating. It may feel like it will never end.

But it will end.

However, a friend or a loving word or sentiment might be what it takes to believe that life will get better. Too often those sentiments or friends don’t come soon enough. Don’t give up! Please, don’t give up.

I hope the people I care about know beyond a shadow of a doubt how I feel about them. I hope they always know that they can come to me anytime they need me. I hope they know that my love and support will be there for them regardless of the circumstances.

But I worry they don’t know. I worry that my busy schedule and delegating of my time to catch up with friends leave those I care about unaware of how much I love them. I fear that the fact that I may not always return a phone call, that friends may not know that they cross my mind warmly every single day.

It is my belief that people should feel loved every second of every day. Even though all relationships face challenges, and may not always feel perfect… one should feel LOVED. Or the relationship is just not worth it in my opinion.

I will improve myself. News today reaffirms that our priority in life should be people. Not things or accomplishments. My family and friends will know how much I love them far more than they ever have in the past. I don’t want anyone in my life to be forced to guess how I feel about them. Even for a minute.

If you’re reading this, even if we’ve never met, please know I will listen. Please know you’re not alone. Please know you are loved beyond a shadow of a doubt. Don’t give up.

Please don’t give up.


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