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Moms know what they’re talking about…

I love my mom. Our relationship has been challenging at times, but that makes it more rewarding when good things come easily. There was a time in my life in which I never thought my mom and I could possibly have a heart-to-heart conversation and come out happier than we went in. We’ve done it, though. Several times recently, actually, and I find myself replaying the highlights in my head sometimes during the day.

As a result of our conversations, she knows what I want out of life. She is aware of my frustrations. She knows how simple I feel like happiness should be. She also understands how weary I am at not finding that “easy” happiness as of yet.

So, since she gets me now, her most recent insight is pure gold. The latest sentiment? “Now that you’re 30, you’ve lived through a lot of good, you’ve experienced a lot of heartache. Don’t you believe that there should be a level of just knowing something feels right?”

Oh, Mom, you’re right. This new – or just restated – perspective makes me wonder why I’ve been putting so much effort into making something work that has felt oh-so-wrong for oh-so-long.

I’m chalking it up to this: We all make mistakes in life and love. I’m just glad that this particular situation didn’t poison any more of my 2010 than one month. I guess I could spare one-twelfth of my amazing new year to know without a shadow of a doubt that life holds much, much more for me.

BTW – I recommend you visit (if you’re into the whole horoscope thing), and prepare to be amazed if you’re a Scorpio like me. I didn’t make this whole 2010-is-going-to-be-amazing thing!


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