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I’m Slightly Annoying in 2010

And by “annoying,” I mean annoyingly optimistic that 2010 is going to be my best year yet.  I don’t know why… I guess it’s just that this year feels like sort of a new beginning for me.  I turned 30 just before the end of the year, so I’m just starting a new decade in my life along with the same new year and fresh start that everyone gets.

Obviously 2009 wasn’t all sunshine and ponies for this girl.  Honestly, 2009 can suck it.  I’ve stuck a fork in that bitch and I’m moving on. 

But I’m a better person for it.  2009 made me realize what I’m made of… and some of what I’m made of needs some tweaking.  So I’m doing it.  I’m a firm believer in if you can learn from something, it’s not all bad.  So 2009: you weren’t all bad.  But you were pretty bitchy, and our relationship turned out to be toxic, so I’m glad you’ve peaced out.

2010 has already been good to me.  It’s been full of changes – most of which I’m not ready to write about yet, but I will.

And because I just know that 2010 is going to be my year, I’ve made some resolutions.  But they’re more like no-brainer ways to make my life better types of things.  Here’s the list:

  1. 2010 will include more shenanigans.  “Shenanigans” is obviously a vague word, but I love it.  I see it as plain old-fashioned fun.  This year is going to be fun because I’m going to squeeze it into every moment I can.
  2. The dogs should be walked at least 3 times a week.
  3. Finish writing my book.  This one’s kind of a secret.  A hilarious secret, and if my blog readers are the only ones who ever officially read this book, I’ll be okay with that.  I’ll start posting exerpts soon.  You’ll laugh.  But it’s a true story. 
  4. 2010 will be creative.  I will create, create, create if it kills me.  And in the process of being creative, I’m going to donate some blankets to the Lawrence Humane Society made out of the endless supply of fabric scraps in my closet.
  5. Run a half marathon.  This year, I’m actually going to accomplish this one.  Once I find a race, I will post my training schedule and the nuttiness that will accompany said training.  (Without a doubt.)
  6. Shoot a gun.  Yeah, I’ve never done this.  I want to try it… just once.  And in a shooting range, or somewhere equally safe to myself and all surroundings.  I didn’t say I wanted to kill any wildlife or anything.  I haven’t changed THAT much.
  7. Cook at least one meal a week.  Blah, blah, blah.  My new crockpot will be used.  Really used.
  8. Drink more water.  (If you read between the lines, this one means “drink less Coca-Cola.”  Not because it is not uniquely awesomely delicious, but because it isn’t that good for me.  And for 2010 to be amazing, I need to be healthy.  Well, at least healthier.)
  9. Open an investment account
  10. Learn to ski
  11. Take daily vitamins
  12. Read a book a month.  My monthly book club should enjoy this one.
  13. Mail at least two letters a month.  I like to get letters and cards in the mail, and I also like picking out stationary and fun ink pens to write my own letters.  I just don’t send them very often.  And, seriously, HOW much do Grandmothers enjoy getting a letter in the mail each month.  Mine are going to start receiving them, like it or not!

Yeah – nothing earth shattering here.  But it’s my list.  I’ve started already, but I don’t really have any funny stories to share about my progress yet.  Bea and Piper are keeping me honest, though.  They haven’t been walked in a few days, weeks, months.  But it’s ICY here.  One of these days…  Besides, they knocked my Christmas tree over this weekend while I was away.  They’ve got pennance to pay! 🙂

Happy New Year everyone!


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