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You Know What’s So Great About it?

So, sure, my heart is just a little bit broken.  It’s not the first time.  And I know for sure that it isn’t the last time it will feel a little bit strained at its seams.  

Life is life, and love is love, and both hurt just a little all the time.  Sometimes life is so darn good – the blessings are just so many – that it feels like a heart might burst.  And what a great feeling!

But it can’t always be like that or we wouldn’t know how special those kinds of feelings are.  So sometimes things just hurt.  Words just sting.  Unspoken words create a dull ache in places in your heart that you didn’t even know existed prior to the pain.  And as dishonesties and betrayals seem to mount against you, it’s so easy to forget that your heart still wants to love… and that all you want to be is angry.

So, yes, my heart is a little bit broken.  But I know that it still wants to love.  It wants to love someone who will protect it, cherish it, defend it, honor it, and never, ever lie to it.  And that’s what is so great about all of these feelings… they’re going to pay off.  And they’re going to pay off big.

In the past year, my heart has been stretched, torn and reconstructed, filled to overflowing, and challenged to become greater than itself.  And it’s grown.  Its capacity for love is so much more than it was a year ago.  I know this is a fact.  All it wants to do is fall in love again.  True love this time.  And I can’t wait because I know how great it’s going to feel. 

But it’s going to be even better.  Because my heart is bigger now.


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