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I’m a sucker…

Do you ever feel the urge to jump outside of your own body, stand face-to-face with yourself, grab your own shoulders… and SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE?!?  If only to bring yourself back to reality?

Living life with your heart wide open has its merits, to be sure.  But if you’re faced with somone who has weaseled their way into your heart, and all they’re interested in is kicking it around, why is it next to impossible to recognize their behavior for what it is and walk the heck away?

I’m so mad – mostly at myself – that I could scream.  It’s too bad that not everyone in the world (or in my tiny little life, for that matter) is as straight-forward as I am.  And it’s even more unfortunate that I still believe people just might be… give them more than one chance to prove me wrong… and love them anyway.


One thought on “I’m a sucker…

  1. Oh, Nicole, I *so* understand what you’re going through. Dealing with it a bit myself these days. I’ll be thinking of you and hope things get better for you.


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