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Christmas Shopping…

Ok, so typically I’m not so ahead of the game when it comes to Christmas shopping.  There are few things I love more than shopping for others, however, and this year I want to try something new.  In my ongoing, long-term attempt to produce enough handmade items to open an Etsy store, my aim is to buy nothing but one-of-a-kind homemade items for all of my gift recipients this holiday season.

I thought I’d share a few of my favorite things on Etsy right now in preparation…

Crabby Hat by ButterflyBlue Designs

Pretty sure my niece would look cuter than a button in this gem!  Wouldn't you agree?

I have never seen anything as precious as these shoes from LiveLuscious!

I wish these came in MY size!
I wish these came in MY size!

And WHAT’S not to love about this adorable dizzy monkey hat?!?  The picture is to die for, and the hat is almost too much!


And THIS is absolutely too much for me to handle!

What's not to love?!
What's not to love?!

Ok, so clearly I got a little caught up in the children’s area, but there are just so many amazing hand-crafted gifts to be discovered on Etsy.  I’ll keep searching and sharing my finds!

Do your own exploring today at!


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