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Favorite Things from the Weekend…

Ahh… this weekend was not nearly as wild as anticipated (which is probably a blessing), but I do have some MVPs:

  • The new mulled cider 3-wich candle burning in my fireplace.  It’s from Wal-Mart.  And it smells like Fall incarnate.  It makes me feel like I’m in my mom’s house… without all the drama!
  • My new GMAT Math Foundations workbook… and more importantly, the 20% off coupon from Borders that gave me a discount!  While this may not seem like a celebratory purchase to you, it is going to help this girl with unbenownst poor math memory immensely.  There are many, many, many entire concepts that have escaped me since high school.  And, you know… it’s only been a *few* years!
  • The sake and 7’s at Yokohama!  Followed by a few dirty martinis at the Eldridge equals a pretty tasty evening.  Good friends and conversation should also play a leading role!
  • Power Yoga… it kicks my ass in such a good way!
  • Getting a head start (or catching up on things left undone from last week) before the rude awakening of a Monday morning.  This week is going to be crazy busy, and I will sleep better tonight knowing I’ve crossed a few things off my task list.
  • A good night’s sleep! (fingers crossed)

Hope you all had a great weekend too!


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