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Linkity Linkage…

… OOOORRR, plain old stuff I have found interesting lately on the internets.

I can’t be the only one who is unbelievably excited to see Where the Wild Things Are, can I?  Ahh… one of my very favorite books as a kid.  The vignette that is in this link makes me so very, very happy.

NOT the reasons I have sex:

Are we living our parents’ relationship? (I found this article to be really relatable, even though I still can’t describe exactly why my marriage fell apart.  Apart from the fact that we were just plain wrong for eachother.  I do completely agree with the author, however, in that we are looking for something specific to replicate or re-do elements from past relationships we’ve experienced or witnessed.  But it seems that in trying to live and learn, we miss the mark more often than not.  Interesting.)

My personal interest in the University of Kansas’ School of Business is the reason for this one:  I’m not sure if it is going to prove good or bad for me that I’m not the only one with “marketability” as my reason and an MBA as my goal.  I guess my GMAT score will tell the tale.  [YIKES!]

I found this running blog through Twitter, and fell instantly in love.  This is one of my favorite posts:  I related to every sentence, I swear!  “Shit’s Getting Real” for sure.

Glamour wonders… “What’s Your Plan B?”  And so do I.  So, now not only should I be making updates to my life list, but I should be making concessions for things that may fall through?!  Oh man!  (Just kidding… I love this stuff!  It keeps me focused and thinking ahead.)

That’s it for today… more to come soon!  I need to get on my new, professional Facebook page.  Nothing but fun over here!


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