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Meet Me There?

I’m pretty sure that if I could find someone who felt this way, all would be right in the world.

I’ll Meet You There

Oh what a wonderful mirror you are
Showing me all the shadows of my heart
Your face enchants me
Your eyes penetrate my soul
I am not afraid this time
To stare back

The strength it takes to stand with you
Is the strength I’ve always wanted to show
I am not blinded by the fierce flame of your heart
I am not intimidated to drown in the depth of your love
I will take a leap of Faith and risk falling forever
If it means possibly falling into your arms

All the previous hurts and heart breaks
Have prepared me to be strong enough to meet you
Where you deserve to be met
To stare into the mirror of your Heart
And remain when others have run away

I am grateful that I have been killed by my Love
For the only part of me that truly died was my fear
I will meet you there
Along the road that’s yet to be made
I will meet you there
On a path that we will create
I will meet you there
And give you all my Love
It’s yours to take

Copyright 2009 Mastin Kipp 

Visit his blog here:

You know what?  You NEED to check out his blog.  What an amazing, inspiring writer.


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