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No more bad luck, please!

Today I perused one of my favorite websites of the horoscope variety: to simply check out what might be coming down the road.  As usual, I hold out hope that something amazing, not to mention life-changing, might be headed my way.

September is just not going to deliver, it seems, for this Scorpio.  September, actually supposedly contains what will likely be the worst day of my YEAR!  Yup, Thursday will suck.

Life hasn’t been so sweet for me lately anyway, so I wouldn’t normally be alarmed.  However, Thursday is a pretty big deal for me work-wise.  And I can’t afford this bad luck to F that up.  I guess in the three days leading up to what is bound to be craptastic Thursday, I will hope that my life suckery will continue to be centered on my personal life. 

THAT, I have practice with.  I can handle that BS like it’s my job!


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