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Summer of Bad Decisions (?!)

Glamour posted this article today a few days ago (sometimes it takes me awhile to finalize these posts.  Big surprise, I know!)…… good, light-hearted stuff.  But it got me seriously thinking.  Has this been my “Summer of Bad Decisions?”  Maybe, but certainly not in the party-heavy, multiple random make-outs kind of way that I would prefer.

I worry that this summer has been of the “bad decision” variety due to unspoken words, unappreciated moments and my typical general neuroses met with irrational reactions to said neuroses.  I fear that this summer I may have neglected something important?  Maybe that “something important” is my own intuition.  Maybe things are exactly as they should be.  If so, I wish it had all gone down differently.  Basically, minus my perceived bad decisions. 

Maybe, instead, I’ve disregarded my true intentions.  It is very possible that I don’t know what my true intentions are at this point.  I would like to think that my intentions always come from a place of kindness, forgiveness, and understanding.  But, let’s be honest, we all miss that mark.  And I with a fair amount of frequency.

In truth, this summer hasn’t been great.  It’s been confusing, and monumentally frustrating, and still sort of fun, and full, and overwhelming, and emotionally challenging.  I can’t say that I would define my summer as one ridden with bad decisions, but I can’t say that I stand behind all of my decisions either.


It is what it is.  What will be will be.  I’ve lived and I continue to learn.  They say you get what you give.  I hope I get back some of my ability to forgive to follow this summer.


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