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Thank you, Harvard

… for telling me why I need to fail.  I’m pretty good at it, actually.

You should all read why you shouldn’t be afraid of failure too:

Allow me to tally up all the ways I’ve failed (this is a learning experience, right?):

  • running a half-marathon by Halloween (I’ve come to the conclusion that this one is just not going to happen).
  • a variety of relationships
  • using my sewing machine more than twice in a YEAR.
  • learning how to play the piano
  • creating and maintaining an emergency fund that is worth a darn
  • cutting back on my regular intake of Coca-Cola
  • giving myself a break
  • cleaning out my DVR
  • ever REALLY getting my laundry done
  • taking my vitamins with any regularity whatsoever
  • updating my blog with any regularity whatsoever

Failure is clearly a good friend of mine!  Don’t get me wrong… there are definitely plenty of things going more than right in my life too.  But that’s not the point for this exercise (I just don’t want you all to think I’m all Debbie Downer about this list.  To be honest, for the most part it makes me smile a little bit inside.)

But the moral of the Harvard article is that failure is in no way the enemy.  The author surmises failure actually leads to a real opportunity for growth.  Without a let-down, we are generally less likely to be motivated to make a significant change in our lives.

I don’t know about you, but this makes me feel better.  In so many ways.  Clearly, failure’s not a stranger, and if each of the failures listed above will provide me with a positive life change, I’m all for it!  Bring it on, life.  I’m ready.


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