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This Life

I am so thrilled to have an evening alone at home with the most delicious pasta I have thus-far created, a cozy blanket, two crazy dogs and “The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All!” 

Life has just been overwhelmingly nuts lately.  I wish I could embed a word cloud in here to clearly illustrate… Bulleting will have to suffice.

  • Harry Potter was sooo amazing and I may never see another movie if it’s not at the AMC in Power and Light.
  • The fine line in balancing deadlines with a proper infusion of creativity
  • GMAT…ahh!!
  • Oops! Dad’s birthday card is late.
  • when am I going to get my laundry done?
  • to MBA or not to MBA?    
  • Working out, working out, working out in the hopes of getting a Red Dog Dog Days t-shirt.  Only to realize there is no possible way for me to meet that goal (25 total workouts).  DAMN!  Ugh… disappointment!
  • I would so enjoy seeing my family… sometime soon.
  • Drunken bicyclists can be dangerous.  Seriously.
  • can I move TO colorado YET?
  • so tired of dealing with things that only make me more tired. 
  • WhAt iS yOuR dEaL?
  • Cannot freaking wait to finally see The Fray! 
  • Priorities come so easy at work… personally = another story.
  • I should be sewing….

Bottom Line: Overwhelming.  But good.  More good than bad.  Certainly.  Life comes a minute at a time.  Thank goodness!  In the next few minutes: more Bachelorette!!


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