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My “Follows” [YES, Twitter can be FUN!]

I’m starting to get the hang of Twitter.  And while I don’t post or update much, I am finding more and more that I rely on Twitter keep up on life in general in small, reasonably sized tweets [blurbs] – generally including links to websites for more information.

Where else can I find – on one page – the details of Perez Hilton’s feud with; the fact that the US soccer team unexpectedly beat Spain; Snow Patrol’s new tour dates; and new and notable hand-made items listed on Etsy?

The craft blogs that I have connected to as a result of Twitter is my favorite part.  Hopefully sometime soon, I will significantly increase my “inventory,” which at this point is pretty darn non-existent and use my connections to get started.  This is a long-term goal in the way that my inventory is sure to grow slowly.  Real slowly.

So smitten with some of these websites – they are darling, really – that I need to pass them along.  If you’re into handmade items that are just too darn cute, visit the following:



Luv Handmade


And my FAVORITE: Kind Over Matter


** I can’t figure out the weird alignment… I’m a beginner!  My apologies! **

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